Northwest Native American Indian Jewelry And Art

We offer Native American Indian jewellery and art, specializing in Native American Indian wedding bands and engagement rings. You have opportunity to deal directly with Native artist. David Neel. He is a Canadian aboriginal from the Kwakiutl tribe, who has been making Native design jewelry for 25 years. He descends from a family of first nations aritsts, including: Ellen Neel, Mungo Martin and Charlie James.

Whether you prefer Haida, Kwakiutl, Coast Salish, Tsmishian or Tlingit style Native American Indian jewelry, you will find a wide selection of Native art designs on our website. If you are shopping for Native American Indian art or Northwest Native American Indian jewellery than you will find that our staff is helpful and knowledgeable about Aboriginal culture.

If you are shopping for a Native American Indian engagement ring, or a Native American Indian wedding band we can make a custom ring just for you. Please contact us for a free quote on a custom order. We sell authentic Northwest Native American Indian jewelry in sterling silver, gold platinum and diamonds.  

A multi-media artist, David Neel makes rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets, in addition to Canadian Aboriginal art, such as masks, totem poles, paddles, bentwood boxes and paintings. If you would like a free quote on Haida art or Canadian aboriginal art please email or call us toll free.

David Neel
443 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1G6 (By appointment Only)