Native American Indian Animal Symbols

Native Indian legends tell of a world in which humans and animals are closely linked. American Indian tribes across North America have great respect for the natural world and have stories about the noble qualities of the animal kingdom.

You can browse the descriptions of Native American animal symbols and choose one that best represents the personality of the person who will wear the Native jewelry you plan to purchase. When you click on an animal symbol it will show you the jewelry products on our website which depict that animal crest.




THE RAVEN is known as the trickster because of his quick wit and sense of humor. He is curious and symbolizes creativity, prestige and knowledge.


THE EAGLE is revered for its beauty, regal nature and signifies peace, spirituality and friendship.


THE THUNDERBIRD is the most powerful of all mythical creatures, and symbolizes personal power and a link to the spirit world.


THE BEAR is known for its human-like qualities and caring for family. The Bear is a symbol of strength, power and honor.   


THE WOLF is known for its association with spiritual power. It is a symbol of family, unity and spirituality.


THE FROG is a symbol of innocence, stability and communication. It is known as a bringer knowledge and wealth.


THE ORCA is the Lord of the Ocean and the most respected of all sea creatures. The Orca symbolize s wealth and long life.


THE HUMMINGBIRD is a gentle creature, and is known for its fortitude and ability to overcome great obstacles. The Hummingbird symbolizes peace, healing and joy.


BUTTERFLY are known for their delicate beauty, and symbolize hope, new beginnings and are the messengers of prayers.

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