Northwest Coast Indian Diamond Rings

If you are shopping for a unique diamond ring we make high quality Northwest Indian art diamond rings, which are popular as engagement rings, or for everyday wear. You can order a ring with a diamond of any size, cut and clarity that you prefer, set in any of the ring styles on our website.

You can order a custom First Nations diamond ring in widths from 3/16" to 3/8" wide, in platinum, white gold or yellow gold. You may order a ruby, sapphire or diamond setting, which is beautiful in the eye of the animal design. A sketch of the Native design for your custom diamond ring is available upon request.

If you are trying to decide which Native art animal totem is right for you; please visit the Animal Symbols page to browse the meanings of the most popular symbols of the Northwest Native American tribes. Some couples prefer to have two animal symbols on their Native rings to represent each person in the relationship.

If you have a question or you would like a free quotation on a custom Native art ring please use the Contact Us page to send an email or feel free to phone us.

Whether you prefer Kwakiutl art, Haida art or another northwest coast art style, we can make a diamond ring to suit your taste. David Neel comes from a long line of northwest coast totem pole carvers, and has been making Native art for 28 years. He works hard to ensure that each diamond ring is a unique piece of first nations art. Please visit the Customer Reviews page to see what others have to say about their custom diamond ring and the service they received.

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Raven Ring, Gold & Sapphire - DR5045









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David Neel
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